24 Hour Towing Near Me: Find The Best Towing Company

If I were looking for a 24 hour towing company near me, I would want to know the following about the service provider:

  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What are the reviews like?
  • What are their prices?
  • What types of vehicles do they tow?
  • What is their timeframe for reaching me?
  • Are there any service guarantees?
  • Do they operate responsibly and professionally?

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TowGator is your ideal partner for finding a quick and affordable towing company near you. We work with over 800 reputable towing companies across the United States. Learn more about our expertise.

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24 hour towing company near me: Introducing TowGator

TowGator is your number one choice for finding a 24 hour towing company near you, anywhere in the United States. Our platform connects you with over 800 dependable roadside assistance and towing providers that have been vetted and approved for quality and trust.

TowGator is completely FREE to use and you can quickly request free quotes from nearby 24-hour towing companies without any obligation to follow up.

Why rely on TowGator?

Whether you’re stranded on the side of the highway and need a tow or roadside assistance near you or you own or manage a property and need an illegally parked vehicle towed, TowGator has quick and reliable solutions for your needs. TowGator users include vehicle owners, police authorities and emergency services, municipal government departments, property owners and managers, auto repair shops, insurance providers and many others.

Discover why so many are choosing TowGator for quick and affordable 24-hour towing services:

Local expertise

We partner with local, independent towing companies in towns, cities and states across the United States providing optimized and dependable services for your area.

Dependable, swift service

With towing and roadside assistance partners operating in cities and states across the US, you can expect fast and reliable response times, often within an hour.

Affordable, competitive pricing

Not covered and worried about the cost of towing? Rest assured that our towing partners offer competitive, affordable prices along with free quotes when you call.

Booking a towing company near you

Need a vehicle towed? The towing and roadside assistance providers listed on TowGator are available to help. Use our platform today and get in touch with punctual and affordable towing companies near you. The process is easy:

  1. Click on GET QUOTES above and enter your ZIP code to find nearby 24-hour towing companies near you.
  2. Request a FREE, no-obligation quote from one or more towing companies.
  3. Choose your preferred towing company and arrange for them to tow the vehicle away.

What to know before you tow

What should you know before having your vehicle (or someone else’s vehicle) towed? Before choosing a towing company, ask yourself the following questions:

Are they licensed and insured?

Every towing company in the United States should be licensed and insured as applicable in the jurisdiction(s) where they operate. Although there is no federally mandated license for tow truck operators, the Department of Transportation requires a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) §383.91 – Commercial Vehicle Groups classifications for vehicles they intend to tow. Certain municipal governments and counties may require additional licensing. Only choose reputable towing companies that possess adequate liability insurance and any applicable licenses.

How long have they been in business?

Reputation and trust are essential in the towing industry, and these generally are gained over time and with experience. Try to always choose a towing company near you that has been operating legally for many years, and preferably with certifications such as the Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) certification.

What are the reviews like?

It is important to choose a towing company that has consistently good reviews online, especially trustworthy reviews that cannot be easily falsified. While a few one-star reviews may or may not matter, a significant proportion of bad reviews might be red flags to avoid that particular company.

What are their prices?

While you may be looking for the best prices for towing, rock-bottom prices that seem too good to be true might be scams in waiting. Instead, always ask the towing company over the phone about their rates, including call-out charges, labor, and per-mile charges, for example. Reputable towing companies will have no problem giving you an accurate over-the-phone quote. Scammers, on the other hand, will try to lowball you and then charge you a small fortune afterwards.

What types of vehicles do they tow?

While most towing companies can tow passenger vehicles, not all are capable of towing heavy or oversized vehicles like buses or construction equipment. Make sure that your preferred towing company is capable of towing your vehicle and that the tow truck operator possesses the correct CDL for the combined weight of both vehicles. Also, let the towing company know where the vehicle is located, e.g. on-street parking, tumbled in a ditch or other hard-to-reach location. Some tow trucks can extricate vehicles from ditches or other challenging locations, others cannot.

What is their timeframe for reaching me?

Often, a towing company is needed urgently and time is of the essence. Generally, towing companies try to dispatch tow trucks within about an hour, but it really depends on your location and their availability. Let your preferred towing company know how urgent the matter is to receive the best possible service.

Are there any service guarantees?

A qualified and experienced tow truck operator should be able to safely tow a vehicle to the desired location without incurring any additional damage. Nevertheless, it is important that the towing company is adequately insured should any unforeseen events occur that damage the vehicle or property.

Do they operate responsibly and professionally?

The towing industry is highly competitive, which incentivizes many good and honest tow truck operators to compete but it also attracts a few bad apples. Scammers and unqualified tow truck operators unfortunately prey on individuals at a stressful time, often price gouging or holding the vehicle ransom in a garage. Only choose reputable towing companies that have been vetted and approved such as those found on TowGator.

Local towing company near me: Frequently asked questions

Why should I use TowGator?

TowGator offers best prices, dependable services, and a wide selection of vetted approved towing companies near you in the US offering free quotes. Anyone in need of dependable roadside assistance or towing services for their own vehicle or for another vehicle can use TowGator.

Should I opt for a local 24 hour towing service or a national franchise?

Towing franchises in the United States tend to have higher operating costs than local, independent small towing companies, so it is often more cost-effective and efficient to contact a local towing company near you. To avoid scams, it is essential to only choose vetted and approved towing companies such as those found on TowGator.

What areas do the towing companies on the TowGator network cover?

TowGator member partners operate in towns, cities and states all across the United States. Each partner listed on our platform has their own service area, so please see our list of locations below to find a 24-hour towing company near you.

Can I request a tow for someone else through TowGator?

Yes. TowGator can be used to hire a towing company for yourself but you can also contact a 24 hour towing company to have someone else’s vehicle towed. This could include removing illegally parked vehicles from a property and as such, police and fire departments frequently need to request towing for other vehicles.

Do the towing services provided through TowGator accommodate motorcycles and other non-traditional vehicles?

Yes. TowGator member partners operate their own independent businesses and the vehicles they use may differ, but typically they can legally tow motorcycles, passenger vehicles, SUVs, pickup trucks and other personal vehicles. Some towing companies may also be able to tow semi-trailers, buses and other large vehicles. Please ask your preferred towing company over the phone.

Can I choose any towing company from the TowGator network?

Yes. TowGator users can choose from any member partner listed on the platform, provided that they operate within your area. Click on GET QUOTES and enter your ZIP code to find 24 hour towing services near you. Call one or more nearby towing companies to request a FREE, no-obligation quote and choose whichever towing provider you prefer.

How many towing companies are there in the United States?

According to market research data from IBISWorld, there are 10,381 towing businesses employing a total of 66,839 employees as of 2023. Bureau of Labor Statistics data for 2023 Q1 shows 10,613 privately-owned towing businesses (NAICS 48841: Motor vehicle towing). The total revenue of the towing market in the United States is estimated to be around $9.5 billion.

The towing industry is highly decentralized, with only a handful of major national franchises and the vast majority of towing companies operating as small and independent businesses, many of which can be found here on TowGator.

Choose TowGator for dependable towing and roadside assistance in the United States

For punctual and affordable vehicle towing and roadside assistance, anywhere in the United States, use TowGator. Our local and independent 24-hour towing companies provide speedy towing services in towns and communities across the United States at competitive rates.

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