How it works for members

How TowGator works and how you can best take advantage of our marketing services.

How it works for towing and roadside assistance pros

Customers looking for reputable towing services and roadside assistance across the USA come to our website to get nothing short of great service and fair prices. Every single search is a potential job lead that can boost your reach, reputation and revenue.

Simply register as a member and your company can boost visibility and put you in touch with these leads. 

Our platform vets companies for quality towing services, and roadside assistance to make it easier for customers to find great service in their city or county. This means you’ll only get quality leads from customers near you and only for services that you specialize in.

Membership with TowGator

By registering your company with TowGator, you instantly gain a boost to your visibility and reach for a small annual fee.

Our service is scalable, which makes it ideal for every company from sole proprietors to SMEs in the business of towing and roadside assistance.

You’ll also benefit from glowing reviews and testimonials since we ask every customer to provide feedback after every transaction and we then publish them on your company profile page. When it comes to towing, customers are awfully picky about reputation, so these reviews will help you build trust with customers.

Here’s what it costs

Membership with TowGator costs only $200 per annum. No hidden charges, no fuss.

Contracts with TowGator operate on a rolling annual basis. You can cancel at any time should you want to. We're confident, however, that you'll be satisfied with the boost in revenue and visibility.

Boost your marketing reach with TowGator

Nowadays just about every successful business needs a clean website, but the downside is that everybody else is doing the same thing so it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. 

Customers looking to find towing services or roadside assistance in their county often find companies with a quick online search and phone a company that’s listed on the first page of Google, for example.

This means that if you aren’t invested in search engine optimization (SEO), your website quite often won’t generate traffic, so you’re losing out on many potential leads as a result.

TowGator is designed with technical, on-page and off-page SEO strategies designed to rank our website higher on that coveted first page of search results. If your company is listed with us, you’ll get far more leads as well as a boost to your own profile page on TowGator.

We help your business succeed

Investing resources into in-house marketing for your company is always a great idea for attracting leads and generating revenue, but it can be challenging to get noticed in a sea of competition. That’s why TowGator is a great asset for small and medium-sized enterprises in the USA looking to get noticed and to generate new, quality leads from customers near you.

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We are committed to providing our members and our customers a quality experience and great service when it comes to towing services, and roadside assistance.

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