Frequently asked questions

Before hiring a towing or roadside assistance company near you, it’s natural to have a few pertinent questions. Some of our most popular frequently asked questions can be found below, but of course this doesn’t cover everything so we welcome you to direct your questions to us using the contact details found at the bottom of the page.

What is TowGator?

TowGator was developed and is operated by Interactive Network Ltd. It is an online marketplace that puts customers in direct contact with towing companies and roadside assistance in the United States. We provide free, no-obligation quotes for customers in need of reputable, vetted towing companies.

If I ask for a quote, will I have to pay anything?

No! If you’re looking for towing or roadside assistance in your city or county, you don’t need to pay anything for our service. Our intention is to put you into direct contact with trustworthy, reputable towing companies quickly and without any hassle. If you find a quote for a company near you, simply click the link found on the quote and you’re put into direct contact with the company.

Who will send me my quote?

Our approved members will quote you based on the type of service that you have requested. When a towing company or mobile mechanic near you is interested, they’ll send you a fair, transparent quote for your requirements. This removes a lot of ‘shopping around’ and helps secure you a great deal.

How can I be confident that I will get the best possible price?

By using TowGator, your quotes are always free and there is no obligation to put a single dollar down. This means you can request multiple quotes from multiple companies and go with the best offer.

I want an experienced towing company – will I get one?

Every time you request a quote from a company on TowGator, rest assured that they’re experienced and reputable. It is our firm policy that all vendors and companies listed on our platform are vetted for these qualities, so whenever you get in touch with a company you are dealing with professionals.

I want a reliable towing company – how do you ensure that?

Our method of maintaining high customer satisfaction and consistently superb service after a company has been approved is through customer feedback. If you’ve used our service, we’ll ask you to give some feedback. This feedback is published to the company’s profile page by us, so no fake testimonials - only genuine reviews are there for all to see. The next time you’re looking for a towing company near you, have a look at the review history to see what other customers have said about them.

Why do I need roadside assistance?

Cars seem to have a mind of their own, including a propensity to break down on the side of the highway late at night. These types of experiences can be stressful and quite scary, but you aren’t alone. Roadside assistance companies come to you, wherever you are, to give you help when you need it most.

What can roadside assistance do?

Roadside assistance companies specialize in providing emergency repairs by coming to you (mobile mechanic). Some common services include: changing flat tires, bringing jerry cans when you’re out of gas, jump starting dead batteries, locksmithing if you’re locked out, and towing to repair shops.

Should I scrap my car or fix it?

It really depends. Cars that just won’t start up anymore, are too expensive to repair, or you just can’t find a buyer since the car’s way past its usable lifespan should all be scrapped. Junk car buyers will often give you cash in hand (the amount depends on many factors) and some will even tow it away to the scrapyard for free.

Is it worth fixing a 20-year-old car?

Probably not. Unless you’re holding onto an antique car, most older cars simply aren’t cost-efficient to keep running. Although it’s often cheaper to repair your old car than to buy a new one, there’s a break-even point (depends on many factors such as depreciation, make, model, condition, for example) where it’s often better to just sell it to a scrap car buyer.

Can towing companies charge whatever they want?

It depends on the state. In most states, tow truck companies are regulated such that they cannot simply charge whatever they want and instead must provide an accurate breakdown of their fees. Nevertheless, it’s always worth it to choose a reliable tow truck company with transparent prices.

Do you want more information?

We are here to help anyone who needs roadside assistance or towing service. Give us a call at (646) 751-7835 or use our simple contact form.