About us

TowGator is an online marketplace that gives you quick access to vetted companies near you that provide towing services and roadside assistance across the United States.

Who we are

Founded by tech entrepreneur Al Lijee, TowGator was designed to meet a need for giving customers better choice and transparency when looking for towing and roadside assistance at the best possible price.

When it comes to calling a mobile mechanic for emergency roadside assistance and towing services, far too often customers feel like they’re rolling the dice when it comes to how fast the response will come, whether or not the company will provide quality repairs, and of course the fear of paying far more than anticipated.

In early 2020, he set about designing and launching a new online marketplace to provide all these services, and thus TowGator was born. Initially covering the New York area, this network has grown to cover many parts of the USA as more and more businesses are brought on board our platform.

We are now rated the Number One online marketplace in our field, and our purpose is to help people who are looking to connect with professional towing companies and mobile mechanics for roadside assistance. The size of our operation gives us the advantage of offering a wide-ranging set of services to our customers.

With more than 800 companies listed on our network, we offer the widest possible array of services, including:

  • Reliable and vetted towing companies and roadside assistance mechanics near you;
  • Rapid response for towing and roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Every month we receive thousands of requests for emergency roadside assistance through our platform. The companies featured on the site only need to pay a small subscription fee to be listed.

Operating model

We operate an online-only marketplace, and through it, we give customers access to multiple, well-established towing companies, and emergency mobile mechanics in the United States.

We monitor the quality of service our customers are receiving through real-time information on the website. We believe that our operating model is unique and we are confident to be able to deliver rapid response times and unequalled reliability of service.

We are also proud of our contribution towards mitigating climate change by reducing travel distances. By putting customers in quick, direct contact with reliable towing companies and mobile mechanics, travel time and emissions are reduced greatly.

Our vision

  • To give customers quick and easy access to mobile mechanics and reputable towing companies across all US states;
  • To make the task of finding and engaging with these companies simple, stress-free and achievable within minutes. All our efforts are directed towards hitting that goal;
  • To give the most reliable and honest companies prominence on our site - we work hard behind the scenes to bar entry to any dubious operators;
  • To give our network members the confidence to develop their businesses through a workload that suits their own aims.

Our mission

We are committed to remaining the Number One online marketplace for finding reliable towing services and emergency roadside assistance across the United States.

We will achieve this by delivering speed, ease of use, reliability and through offering the best prices.